About me

In sales there are many things, which allegedly are supposed to come from the Łódź ghetto. Since I deal with this subject matter for many years, I will try to post on this page information about items, which without a doubt don’t come from the ghetto, despite the fact that sellers provide it. I hope that this information will turn out to be helpful and will let to avoid screw-ups at the shopping.

Beware of sellers:
aleksandrbay123 (ebay)
kotsabenko (ebay)
rareitem4you-europe (ebay)
ukrcol-pl (allegro)
vikkate (gunbroker)
Fiyne (gunbroker)
medal_order (ebay)
catcat2004 (ebay)
thebestfromukraine (ebay)
downingtc-4 (ebay)
wendy3210 (ebay)
V.N. Collectible (liveauctioneers)